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New: File Lock / Assembly Lock

June 23rd by TeamPlatform

New: File Lock and Assembly Lock Structure, coordination and control. Without it your files and 3D models are at a risk of being overwritten or revised mistakenly, leading to productivity loss and bigger mistakes down the line. TeamPlatform’s new enhancement, File Lock and Assembly Lock, puts enhanced structure, coordination and control into the hands of [...]

Improved search, great power for users

April 25th by TeamPlatform

Improved search, great power for users We’ve made a big enhancement to Search to make your life easier when searching for content on TeamPlatform. You can see a screen grab below. Results are categorized by type (ex:  workspace, file, page, etc.) with the 5 top (most recent) results shown. You can drill down in any category [...]

NVision’s new project portal is another step forward in ensuring the success of our clients’ projects.  The difficulties of trying to coordinate CAD projects in person, or via email or online file-sharing services can be enormous and time-consuming.  With our new portal service, clients can go directly online to their customized project pages to exchange, open and compare files in over 200 formats, including CAD models and 3D Scan files.

Steve Kersen, VP of Sales and Marketing at NVision