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Mar 15

March Newsletter – Free, New, Crispy, Collaboration


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Mar 15

Free Accounts (New)

All guest accounts have been converted to a free account. Free accounts can now…

  • Create. Make your own workspaces to share or keep private.
  • Invite. Share new and existing workspaces with outside people.
  • Personal or Professional Use.

Start communicating and collaborating on new and existing projects with your free account in TeamPlatform.

New Interface (Just Released)

We’ve released a new interface for TeamPlatform. The new interface is even more professional to match power-packed features.

It’s now even easier to work with your partners, vendors and clients on TeamPlatform.

SolidSmack’s Review of TeamPlatform

Technical CAD Blogger Josh Mings recently had a chance to use TeamPlatform and writes:
A new player in the 3D collaboration space is on the scene with a site that steps up sharing, syncing and neck slappin’ your project management effort with the blazing efficiency of a web-based collaborative environment.

Now, you may use Dropbox, Box or email to communicate your design or organize project notes. That’s the standard nowadays it seems. If you do use one of them, picture it in your head and then imagine a boot coming down and crushing them. That boot is TeamPlatform.

Full story at SolidSmack

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