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Jun 17

Timeliness Of Getting Started Is Now Even More Timely

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Jun 17

Launching made faster

Getting new collaborators on board with a new IT system can be a challenge. From a new interface, to new concepts in working with people and data, on-boarding new users takes time. Typical project and data management applications require hours, days and sometimes months of training before implementing the software to the company. TeamPlatform has a distinct advantage over traditional applications because we’ve created a simple and new way of connecting businesses and encouraging people to get involved in project loops will drive project success much more effectively than bulky applications loaded with complicated features. Plus, we’ve just made getting started easier by releasing a new Getting Started checklist.

New Getting Started Checklist for New Collaborators

TeamPlatform has introduced a new Getting Started program inside of the web-platform. Less time is spent getting your team set-up and other collaborators on-board. The getting started checklist aims to achieve the following:

  • Faster team setup and user on-boarding
  • Guided introduction to core functionality for New Users

We want all new users (admins, members, guests) to quickly become engaged in TeamPlatform so they can find what they need, share what they need to share, and communicate effectively. This checklist helps quickly educate all people including those setting up a team, working in workspaces, or visiting as guests (ex: a partner or client). Here’s what it looks like:

The new guided checklist tracks progress and makes user on-boarding faster by introducing important core-functionality to new admins, members and guests.

Truly Guided Essentials with Tracked Progress

We’ve designed the Getting Stared checklist to track your progress and automatically link you to the relevant functions so that users are truly guided.

When you start a checklist item like “Invite team members” or “Install the Sync Client” you get help tips and are taken to the relevant page, and your progress is automatically updated as you complete the steps.

New Quick Start Tour

To top it off, we’ve also introduced a short series of slides explaining core concepts in sharing, file handling, and platform anatomy to provide instant familiarity to these core concepts. Here are what some of the Quick Tour slides look like:

Core concepts like workspace anatomy, sharing, and toolsets for CAD are delivered in a succinct slideshow for all new users.

Try it now, or sign up for a Webinar

In fact, we think this new checklist is so informative and intuitive, we have even structured our weekly webinar around the checklist (check times and signup for the webinar here). Your new team members will understand the platform faster and new business partners and client will get involved quicker because of it.  Go ahead and Sign in to check out the new experience for your team’s new users.

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