Anytime/Anywhere Precise Communication and Collaboration

Annotate, Comment and Manage Versions Online

Data management and collaboration tools in TeamPlatform provide annotations, commenting, versioning and notification allowing you to share and collaborate on files and stay more organized than you possibly could with emails-attachments, FTP or network attached storage. Work closely and communicate with each other easily, together on TeamPlatform.

Discuss and Resolve Issues

Leave feedback, resolve issues, or start a discussion on any file stored on TeamPlatform.  Collaborating on files is simple, transparent and flexible.  All comments and notes  are stored with the document history and are associated to the version of file where the comment was added.

Revise Files,
Track Document History

Powerfully simple file and document management with automatic, intuitive file versioning.  All revisions are stored and the upload time and person uploading is kept in the document history within TeamPlatform.

Access from Anywhere

Access TeamPlatform from any device with an internet connection and you’ll be able to search and browse through files.  All access to TeamPlatform is strictly controlled by user account.  Any changes or updates you make with either a mobile device, desktop computer or desktop application will be associated with your account.


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