About Us

About Us

Collaboration on the Cloud

Our founding members with 50 years of combined experience in engineering software development believe TeamPlatform’s simple and new way of connecting businesses and encouraging people to get involved in project loops will drive project success much more effectively than bulky applications loaded with complicated features

Simon Bae, CEO and Co-Founder

Engineering industries should benefit from the Cloud Era

VisPower Technology was formed in 2010 and has developed TeamPlatform with the mission of helping product design, engineering services and manufacturing companies easily manage hundreds of small or large projects concurrently with huge piles of data. Driven by an increasingly efficient and effective cloud computing infrastructure, online project management, collaboration, and data storage services are gaining momentum and attention. However, choosing and deploying the right project collaboration service is a true challenge to any company.

Work Less and Accomplish More

Not to mention conventional tools like FTP, shared drives, e-mail, etc., Dropbox or any other general purpose online project collaboration or simple file sharing tools do not empower users to collaborate nor easily manage all varieties of mission-critical document and non-document files like engineering drawings, screencast videos, high-resolution photos, 3D mesh files, and 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) assembly models.

We are unlike PDM or PLM systems

In contrast to typical business management systems, TeamPlatform emphasizes organic project stakeholders’ engagement rather than imposing policies, procedures and rules upfront. With a ’Get Jobs Done Quickly’ design philosophy, TeamPlatform provides a simple-to-use task management tool, a project meta-data structuring tool, and reusable workspace template sharing, which facilitate users to successfully develop business workflows with the smallest overhead. Management has oversight and can leverage past jobs to develop lean and standardized processes met with minimal employee resistance while adapting the new tool to the company.