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Locked Models

New: File Lock and Assembly Lock Structure, coordination and control. Without it your files and 3D models are at a risk of being overwritten or revised mistakenly, leading to productivity loss and bigger mistakes down the line. TeamPlatform’s new enhancement, File Lock and Assembly Lock, puts enhanced structure, coordination and control into the hands of [...]

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group owner change select

Changing Group Ownership is a Snap! We’ve updated groups! Now it’s easier and more convenient to change people in the group and you don’t have to rely only on administrators to manage groups. Now you can instantly change group owner can be changed. The group owner can modify a new group owner more efficiently! Click [...]

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Security Alert – Heartbleed Vulnerability TeamPlatform is a secure business-grade platform for files and projects. Security is a top concern and data security platform components such as audit-trail, guest permissions, SSL-256b bank-grade encryption, application layer security, file alerts and administrator control are just some of the ways TeamPlatform keeps data secure. Here we overview the [...]

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2. Got Link

There’s this new feature to get direct file links in TeamPlatform. It works similar to other online file sharing sites. You don’t need to add a file to a page in order to share it outside of TeamPlatform. It’s as easy as 1, 2 Share! First, Get the Link… … Then, Send the link! You [...]

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p1 search categories

Improved search, great power for users We’ve made a big enhancement to Search to make your life easier when searching for content on TeamPlatform. You can see a screen grab below. Results are categorized by type (ex:  workspace, file, page, etc.) with the 5 top (most recent) results shown. You can drill down in any category [...]

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Read-only sharing-2

New workspace permission enhancement In TeamPlatform, workspaces are used to share files and tasks with other people. But sharing is not always simple. Whereas folders of files and a list of tasks may be a fine structure for project data, permissions of different people within the workspace often need adjustment depending on their role as [...]

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3dsystems logo

Dear TeamPlatform Customers, I am extremely happy to announce that VisPower Technology has been acquired by 3D Systems. It has been over a year and half since we first released TeamPlatform as a pioneering Cloud based team collaboration solution tailored for 3D professionals’ engineering projects. As we have strived to bring countless innovations to the [...]

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featured - dropbox - 300px

Ralph Grabowski compares email, FTP, and Dropbox with TeamPlatform and looks at the pros and cons of each system as they apply to coordinating CAD designs.  The full article appeared on CADdigest on July 11 and is reprinted here. TeamPlatform Takes on the Email-FTP-Dropbox Troika By Ralph Grabowski, July 8, 2013 A comparison of popular [...]

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getting started checklist - progress bar

Launching made faster Getting new collaborators on board with a new IT system can be a challenge. From a new interface, to new concepts in working with people and data, on-boarding new users takes time. Typical project and data management applications require hours, days and sometimes months of training before implementing the software to the [...]

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cover image

Talking ’bout TeamPlatform Boy, it’s been a long time since we’ve put up a blog post linking to other press, but maybe you’ve read some of the news from the media and press in the CAD, Engineering or Manufacturing community, or maybe you heard about news from a friend.  In case you haven’t, we’ve compiled [...]

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