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You asked, so we innovated… a lot Just like you, we’re innovators here at TeamPlatform. We’ve developed an entirely new way for businesses to work together and have found resounding enthusiasm about the platform which has come in the form of a lot of feature requests and enhancements. By learning about your needs, we’ve been [...]

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Daniel Dobrzynski from CADdigest compares TeamPlatform and Autodesk 360 and explains their similarities and differences.  The full article appeared on CADdigest on May 2 and is reprinted here. Comparison of Cloud-Based CAD Collaboration Services: TeamPlatform vs Autodesk 360 By Daniel Dobrzynski, May 2, 2013 This review aims to describe my experience in using TeamPlatform and Autodesk [...]

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Control incoming email with notification aggregation Automatic notifications from TeamPlatform signal changes to files or tasks as well as other platform activity such as user invites, comments and replies.  At peak business hours a user can receive a large number of notifications from new or updated files and tasks, potentially flooding the inbox with automatically [...]

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The faster you can upload data to your project the better it is for project success.  Connecting project stakeholders to your data easily means that you can share information and make decisions to move the project forward.  Since CAD and Engineering projects typically involve large, project-critical 3D and 2D files, and work with projects that [...]

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3D Viewer Update When your project involves big heavy 3D files, it is nice to have TeamPlatform on hand for online file viewing.  We’re really excited about some of the enhancements to the new 3D viewer.  TeamPlatform’s new 3D viewer provides a few important enhancements for viewing, assembly management, measurement, extracting STL meshes, and saving [...]

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When inviting stakeholders like your clients, partners and other team members to a project, maintaining focus in paramount in order to extract the most benefit from your project team so they can focus on the CAD and engineering files and execute on project milestones and objectives. Inviting new stakeholders to TeamPlatform is now more streamlined [...]

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A long awaited feature, “Embedding workspace pages into other website” is now available.  You can embed a file uploader, file download links, custom forms, or any combination of page items into your company web site. With forms, once a visitor uploads files and submits the form, the files and user-entered data are transferred securely to [...]

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TeamPlatform is excited to announce the release of TeamPlatform API. We’re so excited, in fact, that we even issued a press release, here’s a copy of it: TeamPlatform API PR (PDF,  click to download).  Some of the reason’s why this is an important release directly from TeamPlatform CEO Simon Bae: “Opening TeamPlatform’s API offers a great [...]

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Desktop Engineering’s Editor at Large Anthony J. Lockwood combs through dozens of new product releases to find the latest tools helping engineers innovate and work smarter and more efficiently. We’re excited to announce that TeamPlatform has been chosen as Desktop Engineering’s Editor Pick of the Week. With a half-decade of picks under his belt, Tony’s chosen important [...]

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TeamPlatform’s new dashboard brings an unprecedented level of clarity and focus to each user making it easier to understand and control interactions with collaborating people and data.  Consolidate content with custom filters in dashboard widgets Heads-up updates and summarized views tailored for your interest Share widgets with members and guests (Project Launch Pads) You guests will [...]

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