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May 25

Calendars and Tasks work together easily

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May 25

Staying on top of an email inbox full of messages, attachments, and appointments can be tough.  TeamPlatform can help with calendars and task and help get projects done in CAD and 3D a little bit easier.

Tasks work with the Calendar and Across Workspaces.  The Tasks Across All Workspaces View is a great way to see what’s going on quickly.

Using TeamPlatform on a mobile device makes 3D, discussion, workspaces, data available at your fingertips.

Tasks can be assigned, notifications are sent by email if there are any changes or updates to tasks, and a full audit trail of task evolution is available in the workspace.   Completing one task can start another task (task dependencies).

Here’s a simple, short video on assigning tasks to people.

[vimeo 41177389 w=500 h=356]

Link to TeamPlatform Homepage.

Link to TeamPlatform Product Design Application Use Case.

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