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  • Powerful pages easily aggregate files, online viewing, and custom fields, with a variety of ways to share and interact

  • TeamPlatform provides unified and versatile pages for files, notes and sharing.  Inside a page you can create and write together.  You can add file download/upload links and then share pages (just like you would share any other web-page), and the files you embed can point to any file or folder location across the entire platform. [...]

  • What happens with Read-only sharing of workspaces?

  • Sometimes sharing a workspace for read-only purposes is all that is needed.  Examples include sharing data with clients or people who will be making parts. For one-directional sharing, TeamPlatform provides read only workspaces.  Members get an invitation email in their inbox with a link that takes them directly to the read-only workspace. What is a [...]

  • Speed quoting process for 3D Printing with the bounding box (it’s automatic)

  • TeamPlatform automatically calculates the bounding box, and this can help the quoting process for 3D printing.  But there is much more to consider than bounding box alone.  Let’s take a look at other factors that help speed the printing process.  In case you are new to TeamPlatform technology, you might want to check out this [...]

  • Design Team Collaboration

  • Design and Product Collaboration across the world can be challenging especially if you are working in distributed team that spans geography and locations.  You may have experienced this before when developing designs which makes communication, synchronization, planning, managing file versions complex.  TeamPlatform is a platform for your design team, engineering team, mechanical CAD team, or [...]

  • Making Rapid Prototyping Faster, Easier and Cheaper

  • 3D Printing is fast and efficient.  However the complete 3D printing process involves challenging, time-intensive steps to ensure a digital model  is fit-to-print, and also includes a quoting and ordering process before printing can begin which necessitates a system to manage models in a printing queue. Everyday Challenges 3D Printing: Checking a Model to Make [...]

  • Calendars and Tasks work together easily

  • Staying on top of an email inbox full of messages, attachments, and appointments can be tough.  TeamPlatform can help with calendars and task and help get projects done in CAD and 3D a little bit easier. Tasks work with the Calendar and Across Workspaces.  The Tasks Across All Workspaces View is a great way to [...]

  • Decimating 3D Scan Data & Lossless Data Compression

  • Reducing the size of 3D Scan Data can be important. Most people familiar with 3D scan data are aware of this because scanners can generate a lot of redundant information in relation to actual useful information in the geometry. Take, for example, a brick. It can be represented with a few dimensions (w x h [...]