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  • New: File Lock / Assembly Lock

  • New: File Lock and Assembly Lock Structure, coordination and control. Without it your files and 3D models are at a risk of being overwritten or revised mistakenly, leading to productivity loss and bigger mistakes down the line. TeamPlatform’s new enhancement, File Lock and Assembly Lock, puts enhanced structure, coordination and control into the hands of [...]

  • Improved search, great power for users

  • Improved search, great power for users We’ve made a big enhancement to Search to make your life easier when searching for content on TeamPlatform. You can see a screen grab below. Results are categorized by type (ex:  workspace, file, page, etc.) with the 5 top (most recent) results shown. You can drill down in any category [...]

  • New workspace permission enhancement

  • New workspace permission enhancement In TeamPlatform, workspaces are used to share files and tasks with other people. But sharing is not always simple. Whereas folders of files and a list of tasks may be a fine structure for project data, permissions of different people within the workspace often need adjustment depending on their role as [...]

  • Comparison of Cloud-Based CAD Collaboration Services: TeamPlatform vs Autodesk 360

  • Daniel Dobrzynski from CADdigest compares TeamPlatform and Autodesk 360 and explains their similarities and differences.  The full article appeared on CADdigest on May 2 and is reprinted here. Comparison of Cloud-Based CAD Collaboration Services: TeamPlatform vs Autodesk 360 By Daniel Dobrzynski, May 2, 2013 This review aims to describe my experience in using TeamPlatform and Autodesk [...]

  • TeamPlatform API Released for CAD, 3D, Business

  • TeamPlatform is excited to announce the release of TeamPlatform API. We’re so excited, in fact, that we even issued a press release, here’s a copy of it: TeamPlatform API PR (PDF,  click to download).  Some of the reason’s why this is an important release directly from TeamPlatform CEO Simon Bae: “Opening TeamPlatform’s API offers a great [...]

  • Strengthened by Dashboard, TeamPlatform Makes Collaboration Portal Much Beefier

  • TeamPlatform’s new dashboard brings an unprecedented level of clarity and focus to each user making it easier to understand and control interactions with collaborating people and data.  Consolidate content with custom filters in dashboard widgets Heads-up updates and summarized views tailored for your interest Share widgets with members and guests (Project Launch Pads) You guests will [...]