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  • TeamPlatform Takes on the Email-FTP-Dropbox Troika

  • Ralph Grabowski compares email, FTP, and Dropbox with TeamPlatform and looks at the pros and cons of each system as they apply to coordinating CAD designs.  The full article appeared on CADdigest on July 11 and is reprinted here. TeamPlatform Takes on the Email-FTP-Dropbox Troika By Ralph Grabowski, July 8, 2013 A comparison of popular [...]

  • Who’s Been Thinking, Talking and Writing About TeamPlatform?

  • Talking ’bout TeamPlatform Boy, it’s been a long time since we’ve put up a blog post linking to other press, but maybe you’ve read some of the news from the media and press in the CAD, Engineering or Manufacturing community, or maybe you heard about news from a friend.  In case you haven’t, we’ve compiled [...]

  • Comparison of Cloud-Based CAD Collaboration Services: TeamPlatform vs Autodesk 360

  • Daniel Dobrzynski from CADdigest compares TeamPlatform and Autodesk 360 and explains their similarities and differences.  The full article appeared on CADdigest on May 2 and is reprinted here. Comparison of Cloud-Based CAD Collaboration Services: TeamPlatform vs Autodesk 360 By Daniel Dobrzynski, May 2, 2013 This review aims to describe my experience in using TeamPlatform and Autodesk [...]

  • TeamPlatform named Desktop Engineering’s Editor Pick of the Week

  • Desktop Engineering’s Editor at Large Anthony J. Lockwood combs through dozens of new product releases to find the latest tools helping engineers innovate and work smarter and more efficiently. We’re excited to announce that TeamPlatform has been chosen as Desktop Engineering’s Editor Pick of the Week. With a half-decade of picks under his belt, Tony’s chosen important [...]

  • Three UX Videos to Warm-Up to the User Interface

  • May 1 2012 TeamPlatform is about Getting 3D projects Done quickly and easily, just take a look at our homepage.  Signing up is simple (if you don’t have an account click here to get one).  You surely know how to log in or recover a password.  And once you’ve logged in, creating your  first workspace [...]

  • [Press Release] NVision Launches New Project Portal for Clients

  • Portal will facilitate intra-team communication and collaboration on 3D scanning/CAD projects (April 2012; Coppell, TX) – NVision, Inc., a leader in 3D non-contact optical scanning for over 21 years, announced that it has launched a new project portal for its clients. The new portal, which utilizes TeamPlatform, provides NVision’s clients with full, speedy access to [...]

  • “Next Gen” Collaboration Tool: TeamPlatform

  • PLM Think Tank (link) had a chance to review TeamPlatform, here’s a snip. This is a newest addition to my “collaboration collection”. I found the application behavior slick and nice. This system clearly taking the cool and best experience of consumer web. We think the behavior is slick and nice too, and we’ve worked hard [...]

  • TeamPlatform Looking Crispy and Clean

  • SolidSmack (link), one of the most engaging design and engineering blogs and opinions on the web in our opinion, gave us a surprise call in an interest to review TeamPlatform.  We provided Mr. Josh Mings a short demo over the web, answering a few questions, and he decided to write alot (see his full post). [...]

  • [Press Release] TechSoft3D and VisPower Announce TeamPlatform built with HOOPS Exchange

  • Data access libraries power import of complete 3D CAD data for new cloud-based platform. Berkeley, CA and Sunnyvale, CA – February 2, 2012  — Tech Soft 3D and VisPower are pleased to announce that the newly-released TeamPlatform, a cloud-based product and data management platform intended for design, engineering and manufacturing companies, is built with Tech [...]