Customer Case Studies

OR3D – Repairing the Road to the Olympics

TeamPlatform provides a pivotal support role in a high profile construction project to fix one of UK’s busiest motorways and a major channel to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. CAD, Scan and other 3D Formats hosted on TeamPlatform involving dozens of different sites and 5 different companies collaborating with the Olympics Games days away.

Rapidform works as a Team on TeamPlatform for Development and Sales

TeamPlatform provides a central place to manage hundreds of client projects, tens of thousands mission-critical files, and hundreds of business partners with simplicity and security.

Avance Design – Product Development

Avance Design is a small, innovative product development company using TeamPlatform to manage 3D design data and 3D printing projects to provide comprehensive, customer-focused design services typically found in companies three times their size.

Triax Turbine – Concurrent Engineering

Triax manufacturing and engineering speed projects with their customers to manufacture turbine components more quickly with project workspaces. Benefits in projects, conference room, in the quoting by salespeople and customers looped into complex manufacturing projects.

Cross-time Zone Software Solution Delivers Complex Solution Easily and On Time

A challenging, technical sales situation demanded collaboration and TeamPlatform facilitated escalating involvement to include customer, VAR, distributor and OEM to deliver a solution.

Invishands delivers Global Services Professionally to Tiered Network

Invishands provides high throughput services for a diverse clientele by combining best in class engineering with the organization tools in TeamPlatform to deliver world class engineering services.

Team Deployment to Design a Race Car for Large Engineering Team Soars

Design work is shared easily among over 20 different engineers to maintain quality and efficiency in the design process while ensure the security of CAD design data across team leaders and engineers.