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Dec 5

Customizable New User Welcome Message Propels Team Branding


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Dec 5

When inviting stakeholders like your clients, partners and other team members to a project, maintaining focus in paramount in order to extract the most benefit from your project team so they can focus on the CAD and engineering files and execute on project milestones and objectives. Inviting new stakeholders to TeamPlatform is now more streamlined with the introduction of an enhanced welcome message which can be customized for every team.  The new customizable welcome message allows teams to ensure a coherent branding and message is maintained during the project invitation process for clients, partners and other team members. The new customizable message sounds simple, and it is: Teams can define the custom message.  When a newly invited guest is invited to TeamPlatform, they are presented your custom team message.  From invite, to welcome message, to the custom branded project workspace, you provide a professional, coherent experience to the project stakeholders.

Standard Message

The standard message. Until the team is setup, it lacks branding and has a boilerplate response.

Custom Message

Through customization, the  team’s message and branding are well aligned.

Whenever a new project stakeholder is invited to TeamPlatform, they will be shown the new, customizable welcome message.  Don’t forget: you can also add a message to all invites too.  The combination of comprehensive project management with 3D data and coherent presentation of TeamPlatform alongside your company’s branding and vision gets the projects you manage off on the right track.

Watch a Video

In addition to the new enhancement, the welcome video has been enhanced.  The video shows drilling down from dashboard to workspace to files, online viewing, commenting, and project management highlights.  The video even covers how to create a new workspace and use a workspace template.  Check out the new video, below…

How To Customize your Team’s Message

Sign in then visit the Setting’s Tab to begin customizing your Team’s domain.  The welcome message can be modified in Team Settings.   Comments, feedback or suggestions? Send us a message at

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