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May 31

Design Team Collaboration

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May 31

Design and Product Collaboration across the world can be challenging especially if you are working in distributed team that spans geography and locations.  You may have experienced this before when developing designs which makes communication, synchronization, planning, managing file versions complex.  TeamPlatform is a platform for your design team, engineering team, mechanical CAD team, or 3D printing and scanning services team, or to organize a company’s travels and preparations to a tradeshow or an event.  With this post, let’s look at a design team scenario using TeamPlatform specifically for comprehensive design collaboration.

TeamPlatform Helps Design Teams with Product Development Focused Workspaces

It all starts with the workspace.  The workspace makes it easier to manage and track model versions and model revisions.  Built into the workspace is viewing tools, so your team can quickly check up on a 3D model from the comfort of a laptop computer, without having to bring a CAD license on-board.  Any notes, comments or labels you apply to files stay with files, and full document tracking is part of the workspace.  Rarely is a product design only a single component, so it is given that TeamPlatform has assembly management tools built into the product.  Look below to see more on how Teamplatform tools make perfect sense for the design team bringing products to market.

Shared Workspaces provide a place for CAD, Data, Planning, Discussion, and People to meet and work together.

Workspace updates are included in the overview tab along with a complete project trail.  Events and activities new and old can be accessed from the Overview of the workspace.


Shared Workspaces can be used for Planning, Setting up Tasks and Milestones easily

Projects management can be accomplished with tasks, assignment, progress indicators and multi-level sub-tasks.  A unified view of all tasks across all workspaces can be seen in the Calendar view and Main Tasks view.

Shared Workspaces for can be used Sharing Design Files, CAD (Assembly Tree Navigation), Notes and Comments

CAD and 3D data management is a common part of design, and TeamPlatform supports it.  The assembly tree view provides CAD meta-data tables and indexed assemblies, which can be downloaded to Excel or shared with outside partners / vendors.

Shared Workspaces for Quick, High-Performance Online 3D Views using WebGL (no plugins), to take a quick peek, and measurement, before downloading

The 3D Viewer provides high performance model viewing, measurement and saved view inside of the web-browser.  There is no need to use an external 3D viewer by your clients or partners to get views of neutral 3D CAD, Scan, or proprietary 3D formats, and 2D Viewing is equally well supported.

Shared Workspaces for other Collaboration Activities, including mobile support, comments, Global CAD Search and discussion which are all integral to TeamPlatform.

In addition to web, and sync access, TeamPlatform data can be uploaded, downloaded and synced with the Sync client.  Search spans across all files, notes comments, pages, and other workspace content as well as versions.   Leaving comments, annotations and developing documents are just some of the ways to collaborate in shared project workspaces.


TeamPlatform used as a platform for the design team can help bring designs and product development together.


By uniting important tools for CAD data management, Project Management, and Collaboration in a cloud platform, TeamPlatform is making it easier for Product Design companies and teams to get more products turned from concept into final designs or prototypes and out the door into manufacturing.

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