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Sep 13

TeamPlatform Now Supports Exporting Data to Excel Spreadsheets


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Sep 13

Set up a 3D Printing RFQ Web Page in 1 Hour and Automate Quoting


TeamPlatform now supports export of Workspace data or Product Assembly Trees in Excel spreadsheets, which includes
  • Workspace summary and custom fields
  • Thumbnails and properties extracted from files like SolidWorks’ custom properties
  • Unit, volume, surface, and bounding dimensions info from 3D native CAD formats

If you know how to use Microsoft Excel formulas and macros, you can easily integrate TeamPlatform data and your Excel templates for diverse workflow automation like instant BOM generation from proudct data, creation of 3D printing service quotes with a few clicks, or just reporting and analytics of your business activities to gain business intelligence.

Use Case 1

Set up a 3D Printing RFQ Web Page in 1 Hour and Automate Quoting

You couldn’t agree more that accurate and efficient quoting is the key to becoming a top performer allowing you to win orders and increase profit margins. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money and time to develop a professional quoting system.  By publishing a Team Template Page, in which your logo, custom forms and file uploaders can be designed, you can quickly implement and deploy a client-facing RFQ Web page. When a client requests a quote by uploading 3D models and filling out the form, TeamPlatform instantly delivers the information you need to streamline and automate quoting. There is no need for additional software to work with native CAD files.

In the video above you will learn how TeamPlatform facilitates the efficiency of your 3D prting business at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.

More use cases are coming up soon …

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