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Jun 23

New: File Lock / Assembly Lock

Locked Models

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Jun 23

New: File Lock and Assembly Lock

Structure, coordination and control. Without it your files and 3D models are at a risk of being overwritten or revised mistakenly, leading to productivity loss and bigger mistakes down the line. TeamPlatform’s new enhancement, File Lock and Assembly Lock, puts enhanced structure, coordination and control into the hands of designers, creators, authors and engineers working on and distributing files.

Here’s how file lock / assembly lock works:

  • Any workspace collaborator may lock files. Once locked, only that person can modify the locked files.
  • Locking an assembly will lock all dependent files (including parts, drawings and sub-assemblies) which prevents them from being modified.
  • Anyone can request a locked file be unlocked. Unlock requests generate an email notification to the person who locked the files.
  • Workspace owners and team admins have ultimate control and can release a locked file at any time.

Assembly Lock/Unlock Montage. Files may only be unlocked by the person who locked the file, the workspace owner, or the team admin.

Typical Use Cases

Business, design and manufacturing processes frequently require precise control of file permissions and file-locking is a common way to better achieve their mission:

CAD Design. Complex CAD designs involve multiple designers and frequent iterations to parts and assemblies. Without structured control over the model, multiple designers can make changes to the same part or assembly, which is both unproductive and can be difficult to resolve. Locking and Unlocking models (also referred to as checking-in and checking-out) in a collaborative product development situation provides a structured way to maintain control of the team’s models.

Manufacturing. Sending parts for quote means design has stopped and it’s now up to purchasing to source the right parts, made the right way, at the right cost, in the right length of time. Using meta-data, assembly tree views, and file lock built into TeamPlatform allow buyers get parts produced with full certainty the parts have been released for production. In house manufacturing, whether using traditional manufacturing methods or perhaps 3D Printing, can rely on locked, released designs fit to be manufactured.

Business Documents. When sales and marketing become involved in product development it does not mean that document control ceases. On the contrary, sales and marketing documents should be reviewed, iterated and approved before taking to market a company’s product or service. Locking files provides more robust content management sales documents and marketing collateral.

Start using file lock and assembly lock today!

Technical Notes / FAQ:

  • TeamPlatform UDM (Upload and Download Manager) knows if files are locked and cannot overwrite a locked file unless the person uploading has permission.
  • Search has been fully integrated with File Lock/Unlock and allows you to find files locked by specific users.
  • Read-Only workspaces can also be used to control permissions across all content in the workspace on a user-by-user level.

Additional Screen Captures:

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