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May 30

Five Impressive Enhancements to TeamPlatform you probably missed if you blinked

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May 30

TeamPlatform had a press release earlier this May, announcing some impressive new features.  More elaboration on the features is being covered here.

Here’s a breakdown of the features and for whom we added these features.

  1. Assembly Navigation and Packaging
    Assemblies are automatically packaged for download as a zip with all references traced.
    Who uses it?  Product Design, Assemblies, CAD, and people sharing Read-Only Workspaces.

    Navigate It.  The complete assembly can be navigated, viewed in 3D online (no plugins).

    Zip-It.  The entire assembly with all part references downloaded as a zip.
  2. RFQ Pages can be customized and hosted quickly
    Users can instantly create and host various client-facing Web pages with custom-defined form and file upload interfaces.
    Generating new service business is simple and Every customer is unique.  Beyond RFQ, executing processes can be achieved by sharing pages.  Pages are tightly connected to Data.

    Every project is unique.  Custom forms for everyone..
  3. Easier to Catch Up on the Latest Activities
    New workspace navigation interface allows users to catch up to the latest project activity in seconds.
    After logging in, it’s difficult to miss this enhancement.  With a glance, the workspace list shows the lastest workspace activities.  Great for managers and people monitoring multiple projects.

    To find out what is happening, the enhanced navigation interface provides a lot of information in a glance.  Contrast the expanded view to the default compact view which appears more like your email inbox.
  4. Enhanced WebGL 3d Viewer with Mass Properties
    Full 3D viewer (pan, zoom, rotate) now provides measurement, volume and surface area calculations helping to 3D Printing projects move along faster.
    Obtaining geometric properties of surface area, volume and bounding box (we are calling these mass-properties for now) is easy to appreciate when you don’t have to look for (or pay for) a CAD license, workstation, or spare change to pay for the gas to get there.

    What is it?  Who cares!  It’s easy to appreciate 3D mass properties within the browser.  These can help 3D printing projects move along faster when it comes to quoting.
  5. Enhanced Branding and Customization
    Users can now add a custom banner to public data exchange web pages in addition to domain branding.
    High-performance collaboration white-labeled with your branding.

    Your company’s work, your company’s brand.  Page header images and team images are just two ways to customize the way your company’s brand is projected to your team members, partners and clients.  Administrators can set branding options.

What’s next for TeamPlatform?

If you want to keep an eye on TeamPlatform development, try not to blink.

Note: You can always check back here if you happen to blink.

The next set of features we provide will be purpose built for engineering, design, service, manufacturing and collaboration.  See the latest started by logging into your account.

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