Invishands delivers Global Services Professionally to Tiered Network

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With thousands of projects under their belt, the world’s top service organization for making models from 3D scan data and serving every 3D industry, Invishands prides itself on maintaining a professional business to business relationship with their diverse clientele.  The complexity of projects run by Invishands includes reverse engineering razor blades to inspecting aircraft components or modeling full aircraft, where details like manufacturability and accuracy are of the highest priority.

Managing a tiered distribution network for services, it is important for the organization to maintain a consistent workflow so that the Invishands team can be efficient at all levels and provide the most value for their customers, with on-time delivery.

Many File Formats, One Tool to Manage the Data

They types of files that the company handles includes every major CAD format, with deliverables spanning every type of downstream use imaginable including animation, rendering, injection molding, stamping, construction, and medical devices, to name a few.

TeamPlatform handles all of the files formats that the Invishand’s team requires, including all 3D Scan and CAD formats.  Of benefit in rendering or simple video screen casts to help document the project status, the uploaded video can be viewed without downloading.

Accuracy Quoting and Many Projects in Parallel

In order to provide accurate quoting across many types of projects, the Invishands team requires the upmost visibility over projects and data with many stakeholders having visibility.  By looking at many projects using the Dashboard, the team can manage the most important elements in the project pipeline, and attack deadlines efficiently.

For service quotes and service sales – speed is important – and quickly connecting technical service questions during the quoting and fulfillment process are important, for a timely accurate quote, and for a timely, accurate delivery in case of any unforeseen issues or changes.

Using Templates to maintain a consistent workflow

The Invishands team is able to utilize workspace templates to maintain a consistent workflow across the projects in the organization.  By channeling work through similar templates for specific types of services, the team is able to better delegate work to their team and deliver results faster.

The process is simple, and involves sharing a template or a form to initiate the service.  Specific questions are asked, and all of these fields are recorded in the workspace.  The workspace also includes areas for data upload, download and brochures, all of which help the process of providing a complete service experience to the client.  The client is able to review the results within the workspace periodically during the project, and has a record of the project after it has been completed.

Insight into Operational Performance

This performance gain includes insight to improve the performance of the organization as a whole and determine where to invest more resources to better deliver to their customers.  By tracking the performance across workspaces of different type, completed by different engineers, for different applications and customers, the managers within Invishands are able to identify issues and optimize business performance.


Invishands manages thousands of service projects and terabytes of project data with an efficient workspace structure and workspace organizational tools to stay organized, up-to-date and optimize performance.