Rapidform works as a Team on TeamPlatform for Development and Sales


Since its founding in 1998, INUS Technology, Inc. has been a world leader in providing technology and services that unlock the power of 3D scanning. Their flagship Rapidform software processes 3D scan data for a variety of uses, from manufacturing and quality control to medical treatment and archeology.  Rapidform is used by thousands of people every day for reverse engineering, verification and many other applications. INUS Technology is a global company headquartered in Seoul, Korea with sales and support offices in the United States, Germany, China and Japan.

INUS Technology has chosen TeamPlatform as a central place to manage a global collaboration portal for every aspect of business.

TeamPlatform is the central place for us to manage hundreds of client projects, tens of thousands mission-critical files, and hundreds of business partners with simplicity and security –  Calvin Hur, CEO of INUS Technology.

Working with dozens of TB’s of data across a global, tiered network, Rapidform leverages organizational tools such as labels and custom fields to maintain activity on  hundreds of ongoing projects, with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Tradeshows are effective for demonstration Rapidform’s technology and generating High Quality Sales Opportunities

Regional offices in United States, Germany, China and Japan help to arrange global tradeshow activity, and TeamPlatform is the central place to organize the tradeshows and conferences to focus many resources to deliver a cost-effective, well-marketed and technically sophisticated event to better inform engineers of the benefits Rapidform can provide to industry.

Video Sharing, Streaming and Commenting

For marketing events, demos, software training, and tradeshows alike, video plays a key role.  It’s easy to forget that watching a video on YouTube seems quite simple, but sharing a video file within an private company network that can be streamed, updated and commented on easily to develop revisions is difficult without a sharing solution that automatically encodes video into web-viewable format.  TeamPlatform helps Rapidform by allowing them to stream video data, easily post updates, and share large files across the globe.

Search Makes Preparation for Show Easy

Preparing for shows at the last minute is not uncommon, especially when trying to understand the best material and samples to bring to the show.  Unlike companies providing machine tools, computers, scanners or printers, software companies can be dynamic and have on hand the most relevant material for the attendees.  Search in TeamPlatform helps Rapidform pan through vast libraries of material to determine the best sample files for the show and for the personalized demos they present at the show.

A single place for People to Organize, including VARs, Partner and Regional Offices

Rapidform invites stakeholders to the workspace.  This keeps everyone involved and automatic email updates are sent to stakeholders automatically.  Stakeholders can discuss travel plans, accommodations, events, and site tips, without hogging up an inbox with dozens of hyperlinks to other systems.  PowerPoint presentations and the latest strategies for the show can be discussed, including hardware setup and layout.

Standardization between events keeps costs low and makes shows more predictable

Every show has distinct beginning, middle and end-points.  A streamlined tradeshow team runs like clockwork because they are organized and in sync.  TeamPlatform helps Rapidform with tradeshows by running workspace templates where all of the common check-list items are in place, and basic tradeshow information – such as date, location, booth-size, and co-exhibitors – are entered.   Events take place without surprises meaning the tradeshows are not surprising either and Rapidform walks away with quality leads and sales opportunities for themselves and their partners.

Other ways TeamPlatform is being used at INUS Technology

TeamPlatform is also being used to manage service project, demonstration project, development efforts and planning, marketing projects, contracts with new business partners, technical support, customer training, customer portals, VAR portals, and an intranet for INUS technology to discuss informal issues with other team members.

Software Development

By collecting user requirements and sharing product stories from a global industry, Rapidform Development is able to keep a pulse on trends in the latest uses to determine areas of enhancements.  Workspaces dedicated to development and user stories can be accessed by developers and product managers from different global regions to communicate day and night.

Scan data and photos from a customer site visit for automobile restoration.

Customer Portals

Rapidform is known for excellence customer service and attention to detail.  By providing customer portals, customers are able to search for files they need.  If a customer has a question, they can easy post a comment or upload a file to initiate a support request or a project.  Rapidform also uses templates to customer so that they initiate structured workspaces.  The forms are specific for specific issues, such as a demo request or a service request.

VAR Portals

Rapidform VARs (value added resellers) are a natural extension of Rapidform, and VARs are experienced and well backed-up.  By providing training and marketing material within workspaces, VARs are able to get the files they need to run a training, learn more, or put on a marketing event.  In addition, Software installers are hosted on TeamPlatform and these large (often 3 – 5 GB in total) installer set can be updated by Rapidform which in turn updates all of the VAR’s links to installers.

Service Portals

If a company requires extensive development services, then Rapidform uses TeamPlatform to host development service projects.  The service projects will typically involve 3D scan data, CAD models and a number of documents.  Rapidform enjoys TeamPlatform because all of the data, notes, documents and revisions exist in one place on one common platform allowing development service engineers to keep track of activity, requirements and deliverables easily.  The collaborators have a common place to visit to check out archived material.


The use of TeamPlatform is all encompassing and is helping INUS Technology accomplish it’s mission of providing world class software to unlock the power of 3D scanning.