Cross-time Zone Software Solution Delivers Complex Solution Easily and On Time

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Anyone who has been involved in the purchase of technical software knows that the outcome is rarely predictable.  Defining requirements, acquiring customer data, processing files, scheduling meetings, preparing demo material, and proving out the technology in a demonstration are all common steps in the technical sales process.   It is not until problem can be well communicated from the customer to the salesperson to the application engineers so that they can convincingly document and demonstrate that a new, high-tech software will solved this problem, will a purchase order be released from the company for licensing and training so that the organization can ultimately reap the benefits the software has to offer.  Solteco ATE Group a multinational VAR (value added reseller) of CAD, measurement and fabrication products throughout Central and South America prides itself on providing top-notch training and an in-depth knowledge demanded by their customers.

“We support our customers and train on the product we sell.  Rarely are products purchased on recommendation alone.  Companies are doing a lot of diligence before buying.   We must gain trust that what we sell will provide a new account value and we do this with training and technical prove out of the product.”

A challenging, complicated sales situation demanded collaboration.

In the case of a software sale to the multinational Andean company VHICOA which constructs bridges between through rivers and jungles, Solteco was in a rare position of being in a position they were not familiar with.

“The customer wanted to determine the quality of a 100 meter long assembled concrete structures using a measurement format that we had not seen before.  Not only was the scale new to us, we were not familiar with how to process this new data type.  Construction was on hold, and the customer was relying on us for a solution.”

Combining Efforts and Collaborating to Solve the Problem with TeamPlatform

Solteco needed help, and as extension of the software they were selling, they turned to their sales partner and distributer in the United States for help by using a TeamPlatform workspace as a way to manage the sales project.

“The customer data we needed to share was huge; it barely fit on a jump drive.  We got access to the workspace it uploaded it all easily.  We continued working in the TeamPlatform workspace to as the sale moved forward.”

Solteco proceeded to define the client’s requirements, add comments to the uploaded files, provided meeting notes, and set milestones including the date of the next meeting with the customer.

“After an initial email, everything else took place on TeamPlatform.  We were able to connect our client to our distributer and everyone was working on the same page towards a common goal of effectively proving out the technology.  Everything we knew, we shared.  Any questions we missed, we asked.”

Bringing New Players on Board and Near Seamless Transition of Project Requirements

In the same way the VAR is an extension of a regional distributor, regional distributors are also the extension of an OEM, and a good OEM is typically eager to provide resources when their distributers are in a bind.  In this case, more help was needed in order to process the large amount of files in the time allowed, so the distributer made the obvious decision to share the workspace with their OEM.

“When I was asked if it would be OK to share the files with HQ, I said OK.  In a matter of minutes, three other engineers were in the workspace, adding comments, uploading reference documents, citing other similar projects, and adding items to the to-do list.  It was amazing to see such attention applied to my sale is so little time”

In reality, the involvement from HQ did not entirely take place within the workspace, as the support used a translation tools to understand any non-English (Spanish) content within the workspace.  Regardless of any language difficulties, HQ was able to deliver the support and collaborate in the sales process.

“The shared workspace used the sales template so the bridge between the input data and results data was predictable.  We could find the processing requirements and knew when the next demo was going to take place.” – Youngkwan Joo, Technical Support Manager at INUS Technologies

From there HQ helped to process some of the more challenging files, and was able to provide both video and powerpoint documentation of the results within the sales workspace.

“We have a vast knowledge base and the resources to handle overflow for sales projects.  Without TeamPlatform, it would be impossible to provide the response time or maintain the level of organization required to efficiently support the sales channel.  From exchanging big files, to setting up forms, to managing many projects at once, TeamPlatform allows us to stay connected to our customers.”

Customer Satisfaction measured by a Purchase Order and Business Referrals

Solteco decided to release some of workspace results to his internal champion by embedding files and video into pre-demo results page.  From there, Solteco was able to further refine the agenda for the next meeting, and deliver the demo, documentation and results to decision makers to win the deal.

“We made a good demo to VHICOA and they were very grateful that we met their timeline and that we provided a comprehensive, convincing solution to solve their problem with a tight timeline”

As a result of the purchase, Solteco granted VHICOA to full access to workspace as they embarked on developing a custom training regimen.  The original eventually transitioned to a customer support portal.  The client can search through the training files and find exactly what they need.   VHICOA now ensures the concrete structures they build are accurate to design, and Solteco is appreciative of their customer referrals based the seamless sales, training and support experience made possible by TeamPlatform.