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What is TeamPlatform?

TeamPlatform is 3D Systems’ own cloud based solution built specifically to collaborate on Geomagic (3DS) projects through the web and is fully integrated with our products. You can now upload models directly into the cloud from Geomagic Legacy software, securely share and view them anytime-anywhere as well as collaborate online with colleagues and customers using TeamPlatform’s project management tools plus many more great features. TeamPlatform gives you the ability to work with and view over 135+ different file formats including STL, IGES, STEP, native CAD, etc. It also provides task management tools so you can properly communicate and define project requirements with team members located worldwide.

Made for Geomagic Files and Projects

  • Directly integrated with your Geomagic software
  • Just like 3D Systems, use TeamPlatform for your entire business
  • TeamPlatform can transform how your company executes product demos, sales projects, and virtually any project which involves engineering, business or 3D

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve created your team, your account will be credited with your subscription terms within one buisness day. If you have any activation questions, please contact

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