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Jun 17

Hundreds of Large and Small Improvements


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Jun 17

You asked, so we innovated… a lot

Just like you, we’re innovators here at TeamPlatform. We’ve developed an entirely new way for businesses to work together and have found resounding enthusiasm about the platform which has come in the form of a lot of feature requests and enhancements. By learning about your needs, we’ve been able to respond with innovative features that are both simple and powerful and help you solve your collaboration, project and data management challenges.

Many Enhancements across many feature categories

It’s been a while since we’ve updated our feature tour (which more resembles things you can do with TeamPlatform rather than a pure features list) but it’s still accurately tours features and does a good job explaining the wide range of capability offered in your web-platform. See below for the complete list.

Video Highlights

Video highlighting some new features and enhancements in the last 6 months.  We couldn’t fit the 100′s of updates into a video without narration, so we’ve packed 65 easy-to-understand enhancements into just under 3 minutes. Note: Turn up (or down) the volume, there is background music.

Click to watch. A video with 65 easy-to-understand enhancements into just under 3 minutes.

List of Updates

By no means has our feature list (or our feature tour) reached saturation (although many of our users think we have). There is still more to come from TeamPlatform.  Here are highlights of the new features that have just been added to TeamPlatform in the last 6 months.

Files and 3D Enhancements

New 3D WebGL Viewer

Support for CAD and 3D Formats new in 2013

  • SolidWorks
  • Inventor
  • FLS 5.1 3D Scan Data format

Video Rendering and Streaming

Updated video rendering engine creates more formats and allows rendering of data.

Files within Page

  • In-Page Upload
  • In Page Folder View

File Annotation Enhancements

Projects  Enhancements

 Gantt and Task:

  • Working Hours Field
  • Predecessor Dependency Enhancement
  • Toggle Show/Hide Completed Tasks
  • Subtask highlight
  • Undo/Redo
  • Quick Invite (Share)
  • Swipe-left, Swipe right

Color Coded Sharing

Huge Projects (ex; 2,500 comments, 1,200 files) Load Faster

Project Export Enhancement

Multi-Project Task View/Search

Communication Enhancements

Email related:

  • Notification Aggregation Control
  • File Version Notification with File Preview
  • File Download Notification

Contextual Hyperlink Enhancements (@mention)

Comment/Reply/Discussion Enhancements

Resolve Improvements

Label (tagging) for Files & Workspaces Enhancements

Administration Enhancements

Team Merging:Team Merging of All Fields

  • User Email Migration
  • Admin View Option

New Customizable Team Welcome Message

Read-Only Preview Mode

General Enhancements


  • File Upload/Download
  • @mention
  • Gantt Large
  • Image Rendering

General Platform:

  • Persistent Yellow Notification
  • Spell Check in Notes Editor
  • Starring (Favorite) Workspaces
  • Discarding Work notifications
  • Global Search

Interface Updates

  • Top Navigation
  • Team Home Page
  • Workspace List
  • Web-Form Layout
  • File/Folder Navigation and Display
  • Gantt Display
  • Dashboard
  • Assembly Tree View
  • File Sync
  • Page Authoring (colors on insert, large icons, navigation) and Sharing (dialogue UI)

New Getting Started Guide and Quick Start

Updated Help Articles

As you can see, we’ve been working hard to improve upon TeamPlatform as the best platform for collaborating on projects, products, services and engineering data. We look forward to maintaining this edge, understanding your biggest challenges, and helping solve them. Like our (current) website headline says, we want you to “Make Better Products and Deliver Better Services” and we’ll continue to work hard to make your projects better and better.

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