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May 10

[Newsletter] New Assembly Tree Browser Makes it Easier to Navigate a Product Structure

assembly tree browser view

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May 10

It’s Now Even Easier to Navigate Product Structure with the New Assembly Tree Browser

TeamPlatform just added an assembly tree browser which lays out all sub-assemblies and components in a hierarchical tree view. Custom properties are listed to help users locate the right data quickly. You can open up a assembly tree browser in two ways:

Opening the Assembly Tree Browser

1. In a file’s References tab, the View Assembly Tree link is available when if part of an assembly:

2. In the search result page, you can also find a View Assembly Tree link when a search result is part of an assembly.  To make it easier to look for assembly models in the search interface, a new Assemblies filter is added and only assembly files matching the search keywords will be displayed.

With this new addition, you can more easily browse a product structure in a tree view.

Add a TeamPlatform direct link in Chrome

Click this link and press the ADD TO CHROME button in the up right hand corner. TeamPlatform’s icon appears in the Apps section of Chrome’s New Tab page. Clicking on the icon will load the Active Workspace list if your browser session is active.

Watch new tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel

Please visit our YouTube Channel and new videos tutorials are available which demonstrate how TeamPlatform helps get collaborative projects done easily and quickly.

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