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Apr 22

Enhancement Aggregates Notifications into a Single Email

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Apr 22

Control incoming email with notification aggregation

Automatic notifications from TeamPlatform signal changes to files or tasks as well as other platform activity such as user invites, comments and replies.  At peak business hours a user can receive a large number of notifications from new or updated files and tasks, potentially flooding the inbox with automatically generated notifications.

Here’s a look at a User’s global settings for the new Email Notification Enhancement:

You can now aggregate file and task notifications into a single email.

Notification Aggregation Enhancement

A new enhancement (available under Settings > My Profile > Email Notification Settings) allows users to aggregate notifications generated during a fixed time interval.  Aggregated notifications are packaged into a single email which contains all changes to both files and tasks during the fixed time period, thereby reducing the number of emails sent to users during peak activity.

Notification aggregation affects to types of notifications: Task notifications and File notifications.  When the user chooses to aggregate either type of notification, a single message will be sent based on the user’s email notification preferences.

If email notification settings are set to “right away“, then the notification will immediately be sent to the user.  If notifications are set to sent “at most every XX minutes“, notifications will aggregate based on the time period selected. All other notifications (ex: invites, comments, replies, requests, etc.) will continue to be sent right away.

When are Notifications Generated?

Task Notifications

Task notifications are sent to the task’s creator or the task’s assignee whenever a task is assigned or a task status is updated (ex: changed to in-progress).  Task notification messages include creator, assignee, due date and memo.

File Notifications

If a workspace’s file alert settings are enabled (available for each user for each workspace under Overview > Workspace Actions > File Alert), notifications are sent whenever a file is:

  • Uploaded (ex: new file)
  • Updated (ex: new version)
  • Downloaded (from a page or workspace)

File notifications includes file information, a direct download link, and a thumbnail image of the file which links to the online file view.

Daily and Weekly Digest Emails

Note: The daily digest and weekly digest emails are sent daily and/or weekly depending of email notification settings.  Digests summarize all activity for the day or week in a summary email which is valuable to administrators or users who are a part of multiple workspaces.  Users can change digest frequency in their profile settings (under Settings > My Profile > Email Notification Settings).

How Can I Aggregate Notifications?

If you’ve previously signed up for TeamPlatform, then your notification settings are set to “right away”.  To aggregate notifications visit Settings > My Profile > Email Notification Settings. To change File Alert on individual workspaces, visit the workspace’s Overview Tab and Enable File Alerts.

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