Fully Integrated Partner & Client Extranet Portal

Instant Self-Serviceable Portal
for Customers, Partners and Prospects

Search, visualization and workspace templates are all cornerstones of TeamPlatform and these enable your customers and partners to stay active within your portal. A Guest’s workspace list will show only the workspaces they have access to, and when a guest opens a new workspace, the overview provides them with the latest file changes and updates. Initiating a new project like a request for quote (RFQ / RFP) or a support request are available to your customers on demand with custom forms and workspace templates.

Single Platform
to Invite All Guests Securely

Unlimited no-cost guest accounts mean you can manage all customer related files, file versions, and projects in a single place on TeamPlatform. Each guest has the ability to interact with the workspace, perform searches within the domain, or check out the latest forms and templates you provide to showcase and initiate services or support inquirires.

Access to workspaces and data is strictly controlled by user account, meaning you can securely invite your clients and partners to share, and download files or participate in projects.

Dashboard Widgets for Guests

You can customize specific dashboard widgets to share with guests to keep guests stay up to date, to make sure your guests are aware of other services you offer.
Additionally, you can make sure your clients are aware of the services that you offer, and can initiate new requests directly from the templates you share. These templates will be listed on the dashboard, and in addition you can show the most impressive features your company offers so including sample projects and deliverables.

Custom Forms
to Initiate a Project

Instantly create and host client-facing forms with file upload links on TeamPlatform allowing visitors to initiate new business activities with your company.

  • Guests can start RFQ’s, RFP’s or for Support Tickets
  • Individualize forms to specific accounts
  • Assign tasks and automate follow-up using templates

No “Freemium” Restrictions on Your Guests

Initiating collaborative projects with clients and partners does not subject them to “freemium” restrictions. Guest accounts on TeamPlatform have full collaborative toolset including large file upload, document history, and audit trail.

  • Full collaborative toolset including CAD and comments
  • Guests can Search across all shared workspaces
  • Guest dashboard shows host company’s logo and branding
  • Easy to use, guests can pull information

Read-only Workspaces for Guests

For one-directional sharing, TeamPlatform provides read only workspaces. In read-only workspaces guests can search, view comments (but not make comments), and download (but not upload) files. Read only workspaces do not allow guests to see other guests in the workspace, meaning you can share a Read-only workspace with many different users or groups without exposing who you are working with.


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