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Reducing delays, streamlining communication, and keeping projects on course are all important goals. But when running a product development project, it’s also important to keep design data repositories like PDMs and project scheduling tools like Microsoft Project glued together which usually means a project manager’s time or module customization which can cause excessive overhead and create undesirable expense or delay for a fast-moving product development company. TeamPlatform helps engineers and 3D professionals execute in a collaborative product development environment making projects much faster and easier.

Organize Projects by Workspaces
with Access Permissions

Everything you need to enable your project team work towards the project goal is included in a workspace. Only people that have been invited to a workspace can access its content. You can create comments on nearly all workspace elements, such as files, allowing you to freely share ideas and request feedback on every detail of the project. Tasks can be assigned, grouped and dated, and pages allow you to collect files and write notes for project documentation. Files, big or small, can move and be copied freely between shared workspaces, and in-browser file visualization means no downloads or special software is required for deep project involvement.

Schedule Tasks with Intuitive and Powerful Gantt Tools

Keeping ease-of-use as the primary user interface design principle, the TeamPlatform provides all essential Gantt chart functionalities which allow project managers to set up multiple dependencies among tasks, assign tasks to engineers, and mark milestones, entirely within a Web browser. Non-technical project members like salespersons also can instantly learn how to use it with no steep learning curve.

@mention: Add Contextual Hyperlinks among Tasks and Files Easily

TeamPlatform’s simple-to-use feature to create contextual hyperlinks is called “@mention”. By typing the character @ followed by a keyword in any discussion thread, a search for files and tasks across all team workspaces promptly returns matches. When a searched item is chosen, bi-directional hyperlinks are automatically generated. This powerful feature enables users to easily organize a massive amount of content like CAD data, documents, and project tasks and manage them entirely inside TeamPlatform.

Email Notifications Drive Project Execution

In  the span of a project cycle with TeamPlatform, engineers will receive email notifications when a new task is assigned or other dependent tasks are finished which streamlines the execution of projects. For example, once the predecessors of a multiply dependant task are marked completed, a dependent task will start, sending notifications and thereby initiating the next phase of project.  Since project links can be included in the task, all related project files can be accessed instantly.  Plus, an easy-to-update UI means project plans and progress stay current. Execution in TeamPlatform equates to a proactive disposition of the project team.  In other words, less waiting and more doing.

Control for Project Managers

Built-in permission control ensures that status updates are secure and reliable. When an engineer updates the status of tasks or working-hours data, TeamPlatform automatically calculates entire project progress, which is ensuring every project member is on the same page throughout the project lifetime.

Collaboration is Built-In

The ambition to shorten the lead times even more makes communication a crucial success factor. To foster timely team collaboration, a discussion thread is available for each task. Updates and project digest can be sent instantly, daily or weekly to keep everyone in the loop whether they are on their computer or away with their smartphone.  Plus, comments and replies in related files, pages and workspaces are easily linked with @mention.

Run Projects in Parallel

The task features are integrated with the Dashboard, All-Tasks View, Calendar View, Search, and other features in TeamPlatform.  This enables organizations and project managers to monitor and execute multiple projects in parallel with a few mouse clicks.  If you are at your happiest when running a dozen or more projects at once, you’ll be even happier with TeamPlatform.

Workspace Pages:
Write Together,
Pack Files,
Publish to Outsiders

Define project trajectory, provide reference material, record meeting notes, summarize major milestones, and elaborate on files and deliverables. A Workspace Page in TeamPlatform is a unique, powerful, multifunctional Web Page authoring tool to aggregate files, memos, notes, links, and data.

  • Write and update pages collaboratively
  • Aggregate files, folders, images, video and notes
  • Embed content from Web and other workspaces
  • Publish each page to outsiders with various access permissions
  • Track visits on published pages

Standardize Repeating Projects with Templates

You can easily reuse any project by converting it into a template, which can be used and reused to define a standard for repeating projects to increase consistency in similar projects. With custom fields, specific project information can be asked when starting the project so that project scope, basic requirements, and project performance can be made available to all stakeholders. Set the milestones, pages, folder structure, and initial files to make project streamlined. Managers can easily export workspace statistics to extract operational intelligence and make better informed business decisions.


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