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May 21

3D Color Support in Online 3D Viewer

color mans face

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May 21

TeamPlatform is now supporting PLY color in the online viewer.  Rotate, Zoom, Pan, Measure and Calculate Volume and Surface Area with 3D Color Scans of PLY files.

at first, front facing, then rotated and zoomed downwards

the images above are taken of the browser using WebGL,
no plugins are needed to view and rotate the color models.
Data is 3D3 Solutions sample, cropped and non-uniformly scaled.
All images are direct screenshots from TeamPlatform.

Color Enhancement comes on Heels of Assembly Viewer Announcment

Color PLY support announcement comes shortly after the announcement of SolidWorks Assembly Tree navigation support (as featured in this post).

This enhancement compliment’s TeamPlatform’s existing feature set which provides the ultimate environment for data, projects, teams and 3D in context with sharing, custom branding and presentation pages.

Link to TeamPlatform (LINK) for more information.

Extending Online File Visualization and Minimizing Downloads

In addition to Online Color Scan & Color Mesh Support, TeamPlatform offers Native and Neutral CAD visualization (ex: CATPRODUCT, SLDASM, IGES, STEP), Scan Data visualization (ex: STL, OBJ, XYZ, ASCII), HD Video Streaming, and HD Image Viewing with deep zoom.

This means even more file formats can be viewed inside of the browser without downloading files, making it faster and easier to share information online.

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