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Aug 20

Point Cloud on the Cloud a Huge Painkiller for Huge Data


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Aug 20

If you’ve been keeping an eye on TeamPlatform, you know that we are a company where innovation never rests.  We were the world’s first company to provide online, plug-in free project collaboration, data management and online viewing for native 3D CAD models,  the first company to provide online workflows for managing 3D reverse engineering projects, and our recent addition of online 2D vector drawings support is much more than a drop in the bucket.  Combined with best-in-class online data and collaboration tools for sharing, managing files, planning tasks, and communicating with others, TeamPlatform is one powerful animal.  The implication of our latest release is nothing less than a major-league impact.

Key Takeaways from New Development

  1. Real-world laser scanning projects (GB’s to TB’s of data) can be managed online with new TeamPlatform’s development which supports FARO Laser Scan point clouds.
  2. Online Measurement, Markup and Annotation, Scan-Data Meta-Data Extraction, and various Online visualization capabilities including top plan-view visualization and full 3D visualization are enabled with the release.
  3. New point-cloud capability seamlessly integrated with existing online collaboration project management tools, including file version management, password-protected web-publishing, full audit-trail, and Online views of images, video, and 2D & 3D CAD to seamlessly supplementing the new development.

(VIDEO) TeamPlatform now supports Laser Point Cloud data on the Cloud

It’s Point Cloud Time!  (VIDEO)

Innovation Continues with Point Cloud Data on the Cloud

Just how big are Laser Scanner Point Clouds?  Most of the time the answer lies between Big and Really Big.  A single scan pass from a laser scanner can easily exceed 50,000,000 points.  Scanning a small object, like a vehicle, might only take 4 scans.  Scans of larger objects like buildings or survey sites quickly add up.

Big Data and Bigger Data displayed in Online Plan View in TeamPlatform

50,000,000 points per scan x 20 scans  = A LOT of points

A LOT of points  = Huge Data Sets to Manage

Even with industry-standard high-compression, it is not uncommon to acquire Gigabytes (GB’s) if not Terrabytes (TB’s) of scan data taken during a single scanning project.

Not only does laser scan data carry with it billions of points that capture details that would be impossible to record any other way, it brings with it large data that requires highly specialized software to view, measure and manage.  You wouldn’t even think about loading 3D laser scan data into a web-browser, until now.

Huge Painkiller for Huge Data

Courtesy of your web browser and entirely online, TeamPlatform provides powerful 3D project execution capabilities such as task and workflow management, accessibility control, meta-data management, and revision control of CAD, drawings, documents, photos and videos, and now an a new innovative way to deliver 3D coordinate information from massive 3D scan data lightly and quickly to your web browser.

All features provided are Online, within the web-browser:

  • Innovatively Lightweight with Fast Performance
  • Instant Measurements in 2D Top-Down Plan View
  • Instant 3D Measurements
  • Spherical Visualization
  • Full 3D Visualization
    • Rotate, Pan, Zoom
    • Point Cloud Rendering Control
  • Scanner-Data Meta-Data Extraction
  • Seamlessly Integrated with Collaboration and Project Management Tools in TeamPlatform

How can you manage huge data?  Upload it then forget about its size.   You don’t need to worry about the data swamping your hard drive or workstation after it has been uploaded.

[Online Plan View Measurements of an alleyway within TeamPlatform]

[Instant 3D Measurements and Markup within TeamPlatform Online]

[Online Spherical Visualization of Historical Scanning Site in a TeamPlatform Viewing Window in the browser from FARO FLS data]

[Full 3D Visualization of Point Clouds Online within TeamPlatform including Point Rendering Control]

Scan-to-Scan Relationships Easy to Manage

[Scanner Meta Data Extraction can be shown  Online in a stacked Table View or stand-alone for an individual FLS file in TeamPlatform]

Once online, you have the ability to visualize, measure, markup, annotate, and most importantly easily search, archive and distribute data from laser scan projects.  All of the collaboration and project management tools within TeamPlatform are readily available to use side-by-side with the new point-cloud features.  Granting access to project data to others is simple: invite them by entering in their email address.

No Plugins, No Servers, High-Speed, Automatic Back-up

Hosted entirely online, data is automatically backed up on TeamPlatform cloud servers meaning you can search for, visualize, check markups and download old-revisions instantly.  With our secure, high-performance cloud, the speed of data access across-county or across-continent is blazing.

  • No plugins or downloads required to use TeamPlatform, just a browser and a web connection
  • Hosted Solution.  Online workspaces and backups are hosted entirely by TeamPlatform
  • High Performance Content Delivery Network for fast Global Access and Distribution to Data
  • File revisions are automatically backed up on TeamPlatform

Visualization, measurement, and markup of point-cloud data is innovatively lightweight and fast, so you and other stakeholders (other clients,  partners) can work with GB’s and TB’s of data even with meager internet connections and marginal workstations very easily.  Anyone granted access to a project workspace has blazing-fast access to the pulse, plans and point clouds of the project.

TeamPlatform is an online software, so you will never need to download service-packs, install software, or administer and maintain expensive server hardware, and neither will the people you are working with.  Everything is kept up to date and everyone stays on the same page when working with massive data sets, simply and easily.

All data, markup, previews, annotations, discussion (a full audit-trail) is stored and backed-up online on TeamPlatform.  You’ll never need special software to access the project data, only a web-browser and an internet connection.

File Format Support for FARO FLS and FWS point cloud format

Point cloud handling is currently available with native FLS and FWS scanners.

  • Simply Upload Data to Generate Online Views to use within the project
  • FLS and FWS Supported with a variety of different views

Individual Point Cloud File Format Support (FLS)
Online FLS support provides full 3D, spherical and planar views of point-cloud data.  Within planar view, you can take 3D measurements and add markups like highlights, text and call-outs.  In spherical view, you are instantly immersed in scanning environment providing a full 360 x 360 perspective of the scanning environment.   The 3D view is nothing short of full 3D:  you can zoom, pan, rotate, save viewpoints, and adjust point rendering size and transparency while viewing the 3D point cloud.

Point Cloud Project File Format Support (FWS)
Online FWS support provides a top-down (or plan) view of all scan layers and allows for markup and 2D x-y measurement from the top down view, which is perfect for taking measurements of the as-built site-plan.

Instant Conversion to Online View
To convert files to TeamPlatform viewable format, simply upload them to TeamPlatform.  Conversion starts instantly, takes seconds to complete and  is completely automatic.  The file data is preserved and unchanged.  By converting the file to TeamPlatform viewable format, your files can be viewed online.

Full-screen mode is available in all online views.  Mobile devices (Android/tablet, iPad/iPod) support Planar and Spherical views of point cloud data.

Taking Point Cloud data further

With a powerful way to handle 3D projects and now a powerful new way to share, visualize, measure, and markup point clouds online, you can get more done more quickly with TeamPlatform.  Leveraging project initiation, planning and execution tools in TeamPlatform has never been easier.  Models, topological surveys, and video-fly through deliverables can be managed side-by-side with the data, people, and even the service request that initiated the project in the first place.

  • On-line visualization, meta-data management and the revision control of CAD models, drawings, documents, photos, and videos
  • Collaborative documentation and commenting
  • Task and workflow management
  • Accessibility control and activity audit trail

A variety of tools within TeamPlatform for executing projects are shown below:

[Request for Service Samples with custom header styling within TeamPlatform]

[Service Request Form/ RFQ image within TeamPlatform, a custom template]

[Tasks / Workspace image showing project tools within TeamPlatform workspace]

[Page Deliverable with Video and other files embedded all fully viewable in TeamPlatform]

[CAD Models Deliverable full 3D view in TeamPlatform]

[Survey DXF cross sections with vector zoom in TeamPlatform]


Get online and get projects done with your own data.

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