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Apr 30

Security Alert – TeamPlatform Not Affected by Heartbleed Vulnerability

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Apr 30

Security Alert – Heartbleed Vulnerability

TeamPlatform is a secure business-grade platform for files and projects. Security is a top concern and data security platform components such as audit-trail, guest permissions, SSL-256b bank-grade encryption, application layer security, file alerts and administrator control are just some of the ways TeamPlatform keeps data secure. Here we overview the recent Heartbleed vulernability (don’t worry, TeamPlatform was not impacted) and review TeamPlatform’s Security as a footnote.

Was TeamPlatform impacted?

TeamPlatform was NOT affected by Heartbleed. Customers using TeamPlatform’s unified cloud service had no reason for concern. Whether you were using TeamPlatform for cloud file storage, project management, 3d data management, customer-support, or sales/marketing support or any other type of general or 3D-specific business solution, your data on TeamPlatform was not impacted.

Who was affected?

The announcment of the Heartbleed Vulnerability was reason for serious concern by by anyone maintaining sensitive data on the cloud. Cloud providers whose individual services range from simple file storage, project management, 3D data management, customer-support, and sales/marketing management were victims of the breach. Here’s a hit-list of major providers that were affected. Here’s a synopsis of impact from iPsec via Wikipedia:

The data obtained by a Heartbleed attack may include unencrypted exchanges between TLS parties likely to be confidential, including any form post data in users’ requests. Moreover, the confidential data exposed could include authentication secrets such as session cookies and passwords, which might allow attackers to impersonate a user of the service.

TeamPlatform Security Memo

Users whose data was stored on TeamPlatform had no security risks due to Heartbleed. Security is an ongoing concern, so here’s a friendly reminder of the ways TeamPlatform keeps data secure.

Security, Protection & Control of Your Data

  • We protect your data. All data is encrypted using SSL-256 bit encryption, the same standard banks use for financial data.
  • We store your data securely. Data is hosted on 3x redundant and geographically distributed servers protecting all data against natural disasters.
  • You control who can access your data. TeamPlatform provides private, administrator controlled platforms for each account. This gives account-administrators ultimate control over their data. Data can in no way be accessed unless the data is shared explicitly.

Security Features in Detail

Data Security, Redundancy and Control
Data is hosted on 3x redundant and geographically distributed servers protecting data against natural disasters. All data is encrypted with SSL-256 bit encryption which is the same standard as banks use for financial data. System integration is made available via OAuth 2 RESTful API. TeamPlatform is an administrator controlled secure platform giving administrator ultimate control over access to a team’s private and shared workspaces. User accounts (user ID and password) are required to access workspace files and data.

Data Ownership
The customer (team) owns all data posted to TeamPlatform. Data can in no way be accessed unless explicitly shared by the customer. Teams may export their data at any time and may close their account at any time to permanently remove data from servers.

Data Retention
TeamPlatform retains files and all file version indefinitely (as in, forever). Files can only be deleted if upon 2-part instruction to first delete and secondly permanently delete files.

User Permissions
TeamPlatform’s sharing tools precisely control permissions within a team and to outside guests. Granular permission controls include Read-Only access and Sharing restrictions. Groups can be used to instantly grant and revoke access across multiple workspaces.

Auditing and Reporting
Audit history is recorded on every workspace providing complete activity history. File analytics provide complete file version history including upload and download records and point of access. File alerts, activity reports, and data dashboards can be easily configured.

Performance and Uptime
TeamPlatform utilizes high speed AWS CDN providing blazing fast upload and download speeds regardless of file size. In 2013, TeamPlatform recorded better than 99.95% uptime.

If you’d like more info on TeamPlatform’s Security or Privacy visit or send us an email

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