Built with security in mind

Security Overview

Security Overview

Secure Storage

TeamPlatform uses triply backed-up and geographically distributed data centers hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) meaning there are three redundant servers at three different locations. Professional security, military grade perimeter control berms, power redundancy and fire detection keep data safe and secure around the clock.

Secure Transfer

TeampPlatform data always travels over an encrypted 256-bit SSL secure connection. This is the most secure connection available and it’s why Online Banking Institutions and TeamPlatform use it.

Administrative Control and Audit Trail

Administrative tools provide visibility and transparency over who can access and who can share data stored on TeamPlatform. An audit trail of workspace history, including member accessibility, file downloads, and even the geographic location of access is automatically recorded, allowing you to easily understand the who’s, when’s, what’s, and why’s behind the workspace evolution. TeamPlatform gives you control and visibility of your data.


Privacy is important to TeamPlatform. You control your data on TeamPlatform and you control who can access your data on TeamPlatform. The full privacy policy can be found at Privacy Policy .

Billing Information

We process all payments through a certified online payments partner and TeamPlatform does not store credit-card numbers.

Adding Additional Security Layers

You can add a security layer beyond TeamPlatform’s secure storage and encryption layer by encrypting files prior to upload. Collaborators given access to the data on TeamPlatform will need an encryption password to unlock the data, giving an added layer of security. With encrypted data, some features, such as online previewing, will not be available for encrypted or password protected files. TeamPlatform’s global content delivery services will store and distribute your encrypted data securely.