Store and Share Your 3D Models in the Cloud with TeamPlatform

  • Collaborate and share data instantly and securely
  • View virtually any 3D file in your browser
  • Manage projects with anyone, anywhere
  • Keep track of every file and all project communication

TeamPlatform, kind of the Google Docs of the 3D modeling world.

- Engadget, 8/7/2013

With TeamPlatform working together on 3D files is simple. Whether you’re working in one time zone or ten, TeamPlatform keeps all your project files in one place, synced and up-to-date. Comment on files, assign tasks and manage project timelines – all in one place. TeamPlatform is the perfect way to keep everyone up to speed, including customers and partners who you give secure access to.

  • Any file can be stored and shared on TeamPlatform. Not just 3D.
  • Smart sync on your PC. Every project file is up-to-date all the time, without using lots of bandwidth.
  • World-class security. Share with one person or one hundred.
  • Works for teams of any size, with unlimited team member accounts.
  • Complete project management tightly integrated with your data.

Skip the insanity of managing dozens or hundreds of files with email, FTP and shared drives. Start managing your projects with TeamPlatform today.