Solutions for Businesses

TeamPlatform is a blazingly efficient Web-based collaboration application and an ideal solution for a wide variety of project environments from Product Development, Engineering Service, Tradeshow Planning, FTP Replacement, Knowledge Management, Sales Portals and 3D Print / 3D Scan Projects.  Simplify project setup, sharing and seraching of 3D Data.  Collaboration on the entire project cycle a common experience when first using TeamPlatform, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional PDM, BPM and IT systems.  TeamPlatform’s simple and new way of connecting people drives your project’s success.

Product Design

When work­ing with dis­trib­uted teams or the sup­ply-chain while de­sign­ing prod­ucts, every­one is in­stantly able to lo­cate the right data, ex­change ideas, and track progress when­ever and wher­ever a Web-con­nec­tion is avail­able.  See Videos/Learn more

Engineering Service

Team­Plat­form sup­ports the com­plete en­gi­neer­ing ser­vice cy­cle. So­licit RFQs, Ex­e­cute Pro­ject and De­liver Fi­nal Re­sults. With Team­Plat­form, your clients will be able to bet­ter fo­cus on your ser­vices and de­liv­er­ables.  See Videos/Learn more

3D Print and 3D Scan

Or­ga­nize, share, find and ex­change com­ments on heavy mesh files with on­line 3D views. Take mea­sure­ments, screen­shots and cal­cu­late vol­ume and sur­face area to help you quote more accurately and de­liver pro­jects faster.  See Videos/Learn more