3D Print and Scan

Streamline 3D Printing and 3D Scanning Projects

TeamPlatform is a Do-All platform that will revolutionize the way you quote and deliver 3d scanning/ 3D printing jobs. Organize, share, find and exchange comments on heavy mesh files with online 3D previews. There are no file-size limits and you can view and transfer as much data as you want.

3D Online Viewer without Plug-ins

3D files uploaded to TeamPlatform can be viewed online. Take measurements, screenshots and calculate volume and surface area to help you quote and deliver projects. You may never need to download a file to quote a job again. Learn more

3D Print-Ready STL from Native CAD

You don’t need special software to generate a tessellated STL from a native CAD format. Just upload a file on TeamPlatform, then a water-tight mesh model is instantly available. Learn more

Large File Support

TeamPlatform gives you a global server infrastructure with upload and download data transfer rates are fast as if the sever was located in nearby. There are no file-size limits, no restrictions on bandwidth, and you can view and transfer as much data as you want. Learn more

3D Printing RFQ and Quoting Sample Video

Creating a quote for 3D Printing Service Jobs serving external clients or internal clients (people within the organization) can be challenging to create and keep accurate. Parameters continuously change and it seems like new materials are added quarterly.  The cost to implement an online, on-demand quoting system can be even more challenging due to factors like large file upload and continuously changing parameters in the quoting process, and hiring an outside consultant or keeping someone on staff to continually maintain a quoting system is unrealistic even for larger Rapid Prototyping service bureaus.  This video shows an automatic quoting system which can be implemented in TeamPlatform in about 1 hour and demonstrates the development of a quote from an uploaded file.  It is incredibly simple to maintain, pleasing to customers submitting quotes, and manages both large data, and conversion of native CAD files into printable STL format, obviating the need for CAD translators.  Quotes are more accurate and time to quote is reduced from hours to seconds.

Video length: 3:00


3D Scan based Reverse Engineering Workflow Sample Video

Configuring requirements for 3D scanning or reverse engineering/inspection can be challenging to convey to 3D scanning technicians and engineers which puts consistency and reproducability on the back burner.  Problems in accuratley defining requirements and communication important areas of geometry easily sacrifices speed and quality of results.  Other challenges include viewing and sharing scan data.  Special viewers are typically required to get a glimpse of the 3D scan data, and the file size of scan data is so large that conventional file sharing tools do not apply.  This video covers steps involved in communicating the requirements of a reverse engineering project and executing project steps from accepting an engineering order, reviewing results online, and delivering files to the customer.  The do-all set of tools in TeamPlatform helps get projects done and allows for the comprehensive management of 3D scan data and 3D scanning projects.

Video length: 4:45


3D Laser Scan Visualization and Markup Sample Video

Massive scan files from a 3D laser scanner are incredibly challenging to share, not to mention view.  File sizes of 3D scans from a single project can quickly grow from 100′s MBs to GBs (1,000′s of MBs) to TBs (1,000′s GBs).  This makes finding, visualizing and sharing data challenging or impossible, and web publishing tools hosted by a local network attached file system can take a herculean effort to setup and once online typically provide snails-crawl bandwidth, especially if the file recipient is not in close geographic proximity to the hosting location.  Maintenance of file systems are also expensive and include, but are not limited to hardware and software updates, and if the file server or network goes down, it is up to you, or an expensive IT specialist, to get the system up and running again.  TeamPlatform automatically and instantly processes data to make it web viewable and instantly shareable, where performance is high speed across county or across country, so clients can search through and visualize GBs or TBs of Laser Scan data in seconds.  File format support is updated by TeamPlatform and servers are maintained by TeamPlatform with redundant data backup, meaning uploaded files will always be viewable, searchable and secure.  This video covers the visualization and markup of FARO Focus 3D Laser Scan Files in TeamPlatform.

Video length:  3:50