Engineering Service

Provide Professional Service Experiences to Your Clients

TeamPlatform supports the complete engineering service cycle. Solicit RFQs, Bring People Together, Execute Project and Deliver Final Results. With TeamPlatform, your clients will be able to better focus on your services and deliverables.

Branded File Exchange

Choose your company logo, lay out rich-media, enable file download links or file upload buttons, and publish to create a unique URL for your client to access. TeamPlatform hosts the pages and analytics of every visit and download are easily available.  Learn more

Host RFQ Pages and Web-Forms

Add a custom web-form to published page to solicit new business. When visitors click “Submit”, a new workspace will be created. Review data, requirements, and get engineers involved to quickly quote the new service opportunity.  Learn more

Reuse Standard Service Processes

Any workspace can be saved as a template. A template automatically populates new workspaces with pre-defined tasks, essential files and folders, and pre-defined TeamPlatform pages, setting the stage for more successful projects.  Learn more

Engineering Services Sample Video

Starting an engineering service project and executing different stages of the project is addressed in this video. Project Requirement, design review, documentation, milestone tracking and file management are all managed within the workspace for this engineering service. Instead of hunting through long email chains, dozens of file links, and multiple versions of documents, TeamPlatform provides a central place to manage documentation, requirements, file versions and a delivery method, all in one place.  Communication and relationships with clients and is centralized and much easier to setup and manage with TeamPlatform.  This enables faster response times, centralized focus, and more efficient and predictable experience for the client from the service business.

Video length: 3:35