Product Design

A Design Hub Across Companies

TeamPlatform provides the best collaboration solution when working with distributed teams or the supply chain while designing products.

Is your design collaboration toolset stuck in the old generation?

Are you just using email and FTP when you work with other companies? Not much has changed in the last 25 years since the File Transfer Protocol was published, and emails today have an even better knack of being rejected, overlooked, mis-forwarded, or caught in spam filters.

How do you make sure everyone is staying up-to-date and receiving the latest notes, updates and file versions? How much time do you spend tracking notes and files or navigating through assemblies?

Right Data at the Right Time to the Right People

Setup a new design project by creating a new workspace, inviting stakeholders and uploading design data with all related documents. Minutes later every stakeholder is able to locate the right data, exchange ideas, and track progress whenever and wherever a Web-connection is available.

Locate the Right Data Instantly

Quickly search design data by searching metadata (custom properties), labels, titles or author names. TeamPlatform automatically tracks the interdependencies and stores the hierarchy of your CAD assemblies. Just upload design models to TeamPlatform and you can check “Has-Components” and “Where Used“ relationships instantly. Learn more

Get Notified and Stay Aware

TeamPlatform sends you email notifications when there are data updates, task requests, or comments you need to follow. TeamPlatform’s easy-to-navigate project update view makes it really hard to miss the latest important updates. Learn more

Secure Access Control with Ease

Administrative tools provide visibility and transparency over workspaces shared with your team or outside partners or clients. You can organize people by defining custom groups and then share workspaces with entire groups. Learn more

Product Design Sample Video

Along with research, ideation, conceptualization, design, engineering and fabrication, the design and development of a product requires the mobilization and orchestration of people, files, ideas and milestones.  Cumbersome tools like FTP and reply-to-all can derail projects and halt project momentum due to incorrect versions or missed communication.  The video shows navigation through an ongoing project and exploration of items such as notes and research, management of CAD files and revisions, interactive discussions, and visualization of 3D, documents and video.  Design and development projects are centralized in TeamPlatform making it significantly easier to track ideas, share files, work together and get jobs done.  With workspaces on TeamPlatform, everyone from design, to engineering, to product managers, clients and partners are engaged early and voluntarily.

Video length: 6:30