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Oct 1

Strengthened by Dashboard, TeamPlatform Makes Collaboration Portal Much Beefier

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Oct 1
TeamPlatform's New Dashboard, a Major EnhancementTeamPlatform’s new dashboard brings an unprecedented level of clarity and focus to each user making it easier to understand and control interactions with collaborating people and data. 

  • Consolidate content with custom filters in dashboard widgets
  • Heads-up updates and summarized views tailored for your interest
  • Share widgets with members and guests (Project Launch Pads)
  • You guests will see widgets personalized for their needs
The easy-to-customize collaboration dashboard allows user can lay out widgets listing project contents like workspaces, templates, files, pages, tasks or comments, filtered by user-defined conditions.

Widgets can be shared with team members or guests which enables a team manager to consolidate diverse content into a personalized bird-eye view for each project stakeholder.

Programmable Widgets
dashboard feature I want.PNGCreating and high-level views of platform activity and filtering key indicators should be easy, and this is a big idea behind TeamPlatform’s dashboard.  Depending on the type of user – it could be engineering, project management, procurement, administration, sales and marketing or support – TeamPlatform and it’s versatile workspaces are going to take on different flavors, and the people involved in those workspaces are going to vary depending on the work that is being done.  The new dashboard helps bring the collaboration experience together. Managers and administrators set team views – where all members of the team share common dashboards – to encourange and enforce awareness of key platform elements important to the company at large.  At the same time, individuals and individual groups can maintain personal dashboards so they can focus on the key indicators, workspace processes, data, and activities that are most important to them.

Many Useful Predefined Views

many predefined views.jpg

TeamPlatfrom’s packaged the new release with 1 dozen predefined widgets, that provide the most useful views for monitoring activities and processes that on the platform to get started easily and organicially.

  • Project Launch Pad
  • Shared Pages
  • Recent Workspaces
  • and many more … 
Pre-defined widgets serve a variety of common purposes for monitoring the platform, such as recently files, shared pages, and workspaces which have been updated in the last 10 days.  All of the pre-defined widgets can be adjusted to meet the personal needs of you or the team.

Getting Started with New Partners just Got Quicker and Easier

getting started with partners.jpgEstablishing relationship with new partners just got a lot easier. New accounts invited to TeamPlatform are presented with a heads up dashboard to focus on activity within their business relationships.  

  • Widgets can be shared with Partners and Guests
  • Project Launch Pad for starting new projects
  • Shared Web Forms and Pages such as RFQ

The management dashboard allows companies to put their most trusted workspace templates and forms on the table for members and guest to use.  When a new partner wants to initiate a new project with a partner, the Project Launch Pad provides exactly what is needed.  Partners can launch new projects, fill-in requisite fields, and upload data to quickly and easily initiate new business.

Deep Platform Filtering
deep platform filtering.jpg

All relevant filters and indicators across the platform can be filtered and accessed instantly using TeamPlatform’s widgets.  From the latest assembly files, to revised drawing files, to updates in workspaces with keywords or labels containing “MRO,” to name a few.

  • Filter files by recently updated
  • Filter workspaces by label or keyword
  • Filter pages by sharing and number of views
  • Filter upcoming and overdue tasks 
Widgets give you access the detail that are relevant to focus points for your business and that you’d like to see. Filters that are setup for your team or guests allow instant access to the content.  Just point, and click.
Full Customizable for Every User, Every Scenario

fully customizable.jpg

It doesn’t matter if your team is developing a new product, providing engineering or fabrication services, or getting ready for the next big sales demonstration, keeping cylinders firing at maximum capacity requires a clear, focused perspective on data, activity, and collaborators in order to perform.

  • Speed Decisions
  • Increase Project Awareness
  • Prevent Mistakes

TeamPlatform dashboards provide an unprecedented level of clarity and focus to every user for every scenario making it easier to understand and control interactions most important to the people and data in any collaborative project.

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