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May 1

[Press Release] TeamPlatform Adds Meta-Data Support


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May 1

Major Enhancement Improves Data Collaboration for SolidWorks Professionals
Sunnyvale, CA – May 2, 2012

VisPower Technologies announced today a series of new features added to their flagship product, TeamPlatform (, which will further enhance the ability to share and search for design data on the cloud.  When users upload SolidWorks documents, or any other document storing meta-data or custom properties in an online workspace,

  1. All meta-data (custom properties) are immediately searchable
  2. In a file folder view, users can list meta-data values side-by-side in a table.

Combined with existing features like CAD assembly tracking, in-browser full 3D viewing, TeamPlatform’s global search will now query meta-data fields in addition to tasks, comments, labe

ls, form-fields and other content across a user’s workspaces, making it easier to locate the model they need.

Says VisPower Technology CEO Simon Bae, “We’ve made it easier to locate the right data which is a capability that SolidWorks professionals in a project or design team know can be a big time-saver.”

“Since the public launch in March, we’ve seen a lot of signups and user feedback has confirmed our product is finding a market looking for specialized collaboration tools.  Our vision to provide integrated online tools for 3D data, collaboration and sharing with an interface that is simple yet familiar to engineers continues.  We’re happy with our growth thus far and these new additions reaffirm our commitment to helping our customers in 3D, design and engineering services get projects done quickly and easily.”

In addition to meta-data support, incremental enhancements included in the release are also targeted at CAD professionals and the 3D engineering services industry:

  1. Assembly Navigation and Packaging
    Assemblies are automatically packaged for download as a zip with all references traced.
  2. RFQ Pages can be customized and hosted quicklyUsers can instantly create and host various client-facing Web pages with custom-defined form and file upload interfaces.
  3. Easier to Catch Up on the Latest Activities
    New workspace navigation interface allows users to catch up to the latest project activity in seconds.
  4. Enhanced WebGL 3d Viewer with Mass PropertiesFull 3D viewer (pan, zoom, rotate) now provides measurement, volume and surface area calculations helping to 3D Printing projects move along faster.
  5. Enhanced Branding and Customization
    Users can now add a custom banner to public data exchange web pages in addition to domain branding.

Update Availability

The update is immediately available to TeamPlatform account holders with both free or team plans which start at $25.00/month.

About VisPower Technology

Vispower technology, a privately held company based in Sunnyvale CA, has developed TeamPlatform with the goal of helping product design, engineering services and manufacturing companies get 3d projects done more quickly and easily.

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