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Nov 5

TeamPlatform API Released for CAD, 3D, Business

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Nov 5

TeamPlatform is excited to announce the release of TeamPlatform API. We’re so excited, in fact, that we even issued a press release, here’s a copy of it: TeamPlatform API PR (PDF,  click to download).  Some of the reason’s why this is an important release directly from TeamPlatform CEO Simon Bae:

“Opening TeamPlatform’s API offers a great opportunity for our users to integrate TeamPlatform workspaces into their Web site, 3D application, PDM, billing system, CRM or any other enterprise system,”

CEO Simon Bae elaborates on how the API works with TeamPlatform’s versatile workspaces:

“TeamPlatform’s versatile workspaces are used to manage projects, files, 3D data, tasks, markup, and notes. The new set of API’s can read, write and update TeamPlatform workspaces, user profiles, and user groups. End users can now automate workflows by interweaving TeamPlatform and their enterprise applications through the API. The API empowers 3rd party developers to develop add-on’s combining TeamPlatform with powerful desktop applications like SolidWorks or mobile devices like the iPhone 5”

We’ve taken a lot of time to make sure this first release of the API is comprehensive, and secure, using state of the art OAuth2 Authentication.  We’ve developed sample code in VBA, C#, C++, and Javascript just to make sure, and it has worked just as expected.  Below you’ll find  some more technical details for developers.

API Technical Details

TeamPlatform API is RESTful, uses JSON for serialization, and OAuth 2 for authentication. Chunk-by-chunk file upload support allows virtually unlimited file-size uploads which is important in large 3D Designs, CAD assemblies, 3D Scans, 3D Print Models, or Animations and Videos. Once uploaded to a TeamPlatform workspace, the files are automatically processed making them compatible for viewing, search and sharing on the web. Full text search across workspaces, comments, files, pages and tasks is supported by the API. Searching for CAD or 3D files with the API returns file thumbnail images and file meta-data from matched CAD and 3D models.

Many Applications for the API

The implications of the API release are far reaching.  Developers of CAD add-ins (such as SolidWorks or Inventor) now have a robust, secure way to connect to the cloud in order to share and exchange design, engineering or manufacturing files.  Companies who are using enterprise ERP, PLM, SCM or CRM systems – either on premises or online (web) – can now securely connect to others on a design and engineering platform without the hassle of expensive add-ins, complex installations, or slow bandwidth.  Even in the emerging application spaces of mobile application development, TeamPlatform’s API makes it simple to develop an app for the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, or Samsung Galaxy Tab, with the full power of visualization, 3D, search, task management,  user profiles and user groups at the developers fingertips.

All Coding Languages and Support Environments with Full Documentation & Support

It doesn’t matter if you’re programming in Java, C# or using an Excel Macro in VBA (visual basic for applications), TeamPlatform’s API is well documented, well supported by our support and development team (contact us at if you have any questions), and all of the authentication, get, put and return codes are available here on Github in plain english (plus you’ll find a set of sample code):

Here’s a link t the TeamPlatform API feature’s page to make sure this is the right fit for you and your application: TeamPlatform API.

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