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Oct 25

TeamPlatform named Desktop Engineering’s Editor Pick of the Week


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Oct 25

Desktop Engineering’s Editor at Large Anthony J. Lockwood combs through dozens of new product releases to find the latest tools helping engineers innovate and work smarter and more efficiently.

We’re excited to announce that TeamPlatform has been chosen as Desktop Engineering’s Editor Pick of the Week.

With a half-decade of picks under his belt, Tony’s chosen important tools for nearly all industry applications, from FEA Multiphysics Solvers, to CATIA’s Composer for Content, Collaboration and Communication, and most recently TeamPlatform for offerring a bevy of CAD project collaboration and management tools.

Why Desktop Engineering is excited about TeamPlatform:

Tony expressed interest in particular excitement about zipping assemblies, tracking visits, working with meta-data, and automatic versioning.

TeamPlatform’s Pages were of particular interest because of their flexibility, and ability to receive form submissions and to communicate and deliver content.

Templates were cited along with the API, for streamlining common projects or processes within an organization.

  • Convenient setup, cost effective, and easy to maintain. 

Specifically cited was “getting with the century” and the complete feature list and cost is a phenomenom that occurs naturally with scaled cloud solutions.

How TeamPlatform helps engineers, designers, and manufacturers in the business of  3D

TeamPlatform facilitates businesses collaboration by simplifying data, projects and 3D for providing on-demand access to TeamPlatform for world’s designers, engineers, manufactuers and business owners, a secure web-based-platform and a new and better way to work together.

To read the Desktop Engineering writeup, check here:

More Info about Desktop Engineering

Desktop Engineering magazine is published monthly by Level 5 Communications, an industry-leading media brand covering hardware and software engineering solutions for the manufacturing, medical, automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics, process, and other industries. Its readership of 60,000 is 100-percent involved in upfront design processes. Desktop Engineering’s website,, is a valuable resource updated regularly with breaking news from the global engineering, design, and manufacturing industries.

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