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Mar 21

TeamPlatform Looking Crispy and Clean

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Mar 21

SolidSmack (link), one of the most engaging design and engineering blogs and opinions on the web in our opinion, gave us a surprise call in an interest to review TeamPlatform.  We provided Mr. Josh Mings a short demo over the web, answering a few questions, and he decided to write alot (see his full post).  Here are two short snips from the complete post.

Now, you may use Dropbox, Box or email to communicate your design or organize project notes. That’s the standard nowadays it seems. If you do use one of them, picture it in your head and then imagine a boot coming down and crushing them. That boot is TeamPlatform.


The only thing competing at this point is Autodesk PLM360 that brings in a lot more features for the lifecycle, albeit at a $75/user/mth price for (nearly) the same features you get for $25/user/mth with TeamPlatform.

Thanks, Josh.

We think TeamPlatform is Crispy and Clean too (which is a good thing), and we’ve worked hard to making navigation through the site simple, making it easy to access powerful features on the cloud for collaboration and 3d data (including Multi-CAD and Multi-3D Scan).

TeamPlatform’s not a replacement for PLM, but it definitely enhances outsourced product development and manufacturing by providing a nimble platform for working on cross-company projects which is becoming more and more common these days.

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