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May 1

Three UX Videos to Warm-Up to the User Interface

getting started videos

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May 1

May 1 2012
TeamPlatform is about Getting 3D projects Done quickly and easily, just take a look at our homepage.  Signing up is simple (if you don’t have an account click here to get one).  You surely know how to log in or recover a password.  And once you’ve logged in, creating your  first workspace is a no-brainer.

TeamPlatform’s user interface (UX or UI for short) was designed using some of the latest and greatest UX code available in all of the web.  While most of the UX is going to be instantly familiar to most of our users, we’ve created a series of three (count them – 1,2,3) videos to help you warm up to the UI.  These videos are short, are relatively deliberate, and cover all of the basic UX principles you’re going to see in TeamPlatform.

Alright.  Here they are, with full audio to check out …

1. Search and Share Design Data (remain seated while watching this)

2. Exchange Comments on Files and Workspaces

3. Manage Tasks Simply and Easily

Now that you have this interface refresher, go ahead and be creative with your workspaces, or just get your 3d projects done.  This is what TeamPlatform is about.


These videos will actually be available to watch inside of (when logged-into)  TeamPlatform.  Once you log-in, hit the Settings button and click “Getting Started” and you can revisit these video at any time.

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