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Dec 7

Uploading Files to your Project has been Accellerated

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Dec 7

The faster you can upload data to your project the better it is for project success.  Connecting project stakeholders to your data easily means that you can share information and make decisions to move the project forward.  Since CAD and Engineering projects typically involve large, project-critical 3D and 2D files, and work with projects that span across the world, the ideal uploader is fast, robust, and is geography independent.

The new uploader brings these enhancements to TeamPlatform when uploading files and data:

  • High performance, across the globe
  • Faster and more robust, even for large files
  • Implemented across TeamPlatform including Forms (Pages) and Workspaces
  • Sleek, More intuitive Interface

In summary, the new uploader, developed by TeamPlatform, and implemented across all the entire application provides high-speed, convenient data upload from anywhere in the world.  This means that when you or other stakeholders are uploading CAD and Engineering data, it gets connected to your project faster.  The revised interface provides a cleaner interface for new users inside of TeamPlatform or when uploaders are added to pages.

Try It Yourself

Try-out the new feature here or sign-in to your account.

Watch A Video

Check out the video to see how the new feature works.

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