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Aug 20

What happens with Read-only sharing of workspaces?


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Aug 20

Sometimes sharing a workspace for read-only purposes is all that is needed.  Examples include sharing data with clients or people who will be making parts.

For one-directional sharing, TeamPlatform provides read only workspaces.  Members get an invitation email in their inbox with a link that takes them directly to the read-only workspace.

What is a read-only workspace and what can you do with it?

Read-only workspaces provide one directional sharing for your guests.  Read-only members can still download files and view workspace content, but they cannot freely modify content, it is read-only.  In addition, read-only member cannot see other members of the workspace.  If you are sharing with members of your own team, then read-only does not apply.

Can you show me an example?

Watch this video below to see what a Read-Only workspace member sees.

Things Read-Only workspace members can do:

How do I make a workspace a read only workspace?

If you want to share a workspace with a client as read only, just check the read-only button.  This video shows how easy it is.

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