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Jun 17

Who’s Been Thinking, Talking and Writing About TeamPlatform?

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Jun 17

Talking ’bout TeamPlatform

Boy, it’s been a long time since we’ve put up a blog post linking to other press, but maybe you’ve read some of the news from the media and press in the CAD, Engineering or Manufacturing community, or maybe you heard about news from a friend.  In case you haven’t, we’ve compiled this list for you.



On Gantt and Task Enhancements (March 2013)

TeamPlatform Just Launched this Microsoft Project Killer


On Autodesk360 and TeamPlatform Benchmark (May 2013)

TeamPlatform exceeds Autodesk 360 by providing much more in benefits, because it is a project-oriented product offering with exquisite collaboration tools



On TeamPlatform in Engineering via the Web (March 2013)

It’s flat out awwwesome!!  


Cadalyst (Nov 2012)

I could write an entire article about the TeamPlatform tool — it’s that comprehensive. It covers almost every capability needed for a cloud-based collaboration tool for the manufacturing world, making it an easy choice if you are looking for a manufacturing-centric system.
Review of Cloud Toolsets finds TeamPlatform comprehensive.

CADdigest (May 2013)

After analyzing in detail the visualization tools offered by Autodesk 360 and TeamPlatform, I found the difference very broad in the variety of options provided by TeamPlatform. In this category, TeamPlatform wins by a landslide.
Autodesk360 benchmark

Desktop Engineering (Nov 2012)

VisPower Technology, the developer of the Web-based collaboration application TeamPlatform, announced the release of its API
Covering the announcement of TeamPlatform API

SolidSmack (March 2013)

Project management… it may all sounds pretty boring I’m sure, but if you’ve ever needed a high level of program management, I just don’t see leaving TeamPlatform out of the line-up.
MS Project Killer Gantt Slam

SolidWorks:HEARD! (Nov 2012, March 2013)

It really just gets 3d cad
Review of TeamPlatform

It’s flat out awwwesome!!
Engineering Tools via the Web

Fabaloo (Nov 2012)

What does this mean for you? It could mean that apps may soon appear that greatly simplify your 3D modeling and sharing workflow. Stay tuned!
Getting Excited about 3D Printing Applications

3D Printing News (Nov 2012, Dec 2012)

Every 3D Startup can have a professional infrastructure all of its own
Review of TeamPlatform and impact to 3D Startups

New WebGL Viewer provides instant STL download of parts, assembly tree integration, and enhanced performance and supports over 65+ 3D data formats including 3D Scan, Mesh,  Point Cloud, CATIA, NX, Inventor, SolidWorks, ProE/Creo, IGES and STEP.
Covering enhancements to the 3D Viewer


LIDAR News (June 2012)

We plan on using the portal again the next time we work with NVision. It got us all on the same page at the same time despite our different locations and greatly aided communication among our team and with NVision.
Aerospace OEM gives NVision and TeamPlatform the thumbs-up

Robotics Tomorrow (July 2012)

Vispower Technology today announced the free online 3D model sharing and visualization service,
Covering the announcement of 


We Like to Talk TeamPlatform

Here at VisPower Technologies, we think, write and talk about TeamPlatform quite a lot and we’d like to think that we’re doing something right if other media, press and bloggers within the CAD/Engineering/Manufacturing community are talking, writing and thinking about us too.  If you have something to say or share, you can use some of the social channels that we’ve setup (Facebook, Twitter) or you can call us on the phone or share with us directly (use the email address to send us a message, share a discussion or share a workspace).

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